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After the mountain building – Development of modern Flinders Ranges landforms
Dr Rowland Twidale, University of Adelaide

Dr Twidale will give a presentation explaining the origin of some of the landforms of the Flinders Ranges that have generally resulted from erosion of the uplited thick sequence of folded and faulted Precambrian and Cambrian sedimentary rock strata. Landforms to be discussed also include the areas of diapiric injection, the ‘allslopes’ topography associated with intrusive crystalline rocks in the north eastern Ranges and the Leigh Creek and northern Willochra basins. Some structural anomalies and the development of some of the creeklines over time are of special interest. Many of the examples considered are likely to be familiar to bushwalkers.

Mt Anne Circuit, Tasmania, 9 Mar - 17 Mar
Kuitpo Forest Extended Loop, 10 Mar
Tangari Regional Park, 13 Mar
NZ TeAraroaTrack - Richmond Alpine Track, 14 Mar - 24 Mar
Kuitpo Forest Extended Loop, 17 Mar
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