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In 2021, Adelaide Bushwalkers celebrated the 75th anniversary of the club’s formation. Planning for the activities to commemorate this event commenced in 2019. Little did we realise that the next 2 years would take so many twists and turns with Covid-19 lockdowns, and much of the walk’s programs and club meetings cancelled. This booklet is an account of the past 25 years of Adelaide Bushwalkers from 1997 to 2021 and has been produced to recognise the club’s 75th anniversary.

Click here to download a copy: Adelaide Bushwalkers: 75 Years, 1995 – 2021.


To celebrate ABW’s 50th year, the club’s history was researched and documented in the publication Adelaide Bushwalkers: 50 Years, 1946 – 1996.

It provides a real feel for the club’s activities since inception to the mid 1990s. It is a tribute to the contribution that Adelaide Bushwalkers has made to bushwalking generally and to environmental causes such as tree planting, park proclamations and the mapping of remote areas in SA.

Adelaide Bushwalkers: 50 Years, 1946 – 1996

Surveying Mountains

Outside of the Adelaide Hills the lack of good maps made hiking difficult. In 1966 an Adelaide Bushwalkers party used a theodolite and aneroid barometers to establish spot heights of mountain peaks between Brachina Gorge and Parachilna Gorge, in the Flinders Ranges. They also suggested Aboriginal names for many of the features.


Producing Maps

Adelaide Bushwalkers produced a detailed map of Wilpena Pound, in the Flinders Ranges. It included creeks, ridges, tracks, prominent features and water supplies. The map was printed and used by the Tourist Bureau.

An early detailed map of Wilpena Pound, produced by the Adelaide Bushwalkers

Cutting a trail to St Mary Peak

Adelaide Bushwalkers marked and cut a track to the summit of St Mary Peak, in the Flinders Ranges’ iconic Wilpena Pound. In 1959 further tracks were cut to nearby Mt Ohlssen-Bagge, and further afield in Mambray Creek and Waterfall Gully.

Cutting a trail to St Mary Peak

Greenly Island proclaimed Flora and Fauna Reserve

The Adelaide Bushwalkers spent a week on Greenly Island, collecting specimens, correcting the map supplied by Admiralty and exploring the island naming prominent features. As a result of deputation to the SA Government, the island was proclaimed a Flora and Fauna Reserve.


28 April 1947

ABW’s long tradition of hiring out gear to prospective and full members began very soon after ABW was founded.

“The club was informed at the general meeting held on the twenty eighth of April 1947, that rucksacks were being made by some members for hiring to those who lacked this important item. Knives, forks, spoons and food bags were also to be made available.” – extract from publication Adelaide Bushwalkers: 50 Years, 1946 – 1996

ABW's long tradition of hiring out gear to prospective and full members began very soon after ABW was founded.

26 October 1946

Twenty nine people joined for the first walk, led by H.A. “Bill” Lindsay. A newspaper article appeared in “The Mail” on Saturday 9th Nov, 1946

'The Mail', Saturday 9th Nov, 1946 Packs Were a Pleasure With kits of all shapes and sizes on their shoulders and slung to their belts, these 11 young men and four girls on the newly formed Bush Walkers' Club set out this afternoon for a two-day hike in the hills, in preparation for really serious walks in the near future. Bulging packs contained mostly small tents and ground sheets, for the party sleep out tonight, undeterred by rain or cold. There was a varied assortment of old service gear in their kits, from boots and gaitors to waterproof gas capes and webbing belts and packs. Some carried rucksacks, and some were content with only a haversack. Most of the men had sheath knives at their belts, and some of the girls carried small tomahawks. A miniature entrenchment tool was another item of the party's equipment. Mr. H. A. Lindsay, president of the club, guide, and teacher of the party, explained that their route from Burnside, via Long Ridge and Horsnell's Gully, would cover a mere 15 or 20 miles. The walk was for pleasure and training of young members, in preparation for more ambitious trips in the future. The club has in mind a long walk on Eyre's Peninsula, a walk at Mt. Crawford at Christmas, and in the Grampians with the Melbourne Walking Club at Easter.

Founded on 17 October 1946

H.A. “Bill” Lindsay was instrumental in calling a public meeting to discuss the formation of a bushwalking club. At the meeting an interim committee was established to draw up a constitution.

Adelaide Bushwalkers, founded 1946

Kyeema Conservation Park, 24 Apr
Mt Bimberi, ACT, 24 Apr - 28 Apr
Anzac Day Weekend Deep Creek, 25 Apr - 28 Apr
Mt Crawford Forest - Centennial Drive, 4 May - 5 May
Morialta Conservation Park, 8 May
Hiking gear for hire at reasonable rates. Try out gear before you buy your own.
Checklist of equipment, food ideas, water, first aid list, rules, minimal impact bushwalking and what to do if you get lost.
Meetings 7:30pm on the 1st Wednesday of the month, in the hall at the North Adelaide Community Centre.
Joining ABW takes you to new places you may never have heard of, off the beaten track, and to have new experiences.