"Takes you places"

  • Gardens of Stone National Park

    Gardens of Stone National Park

  • Federation Peak, Tasmania

    Federation Peak, Tasmania

    © Trevor Jones

  • Kayaking the Big Bend, River Murray

    Kayaking the Big Bend, River Murray

    © Jeremy Carter

  • The Arch, Grampians, Victoria

    The Arch, Grampians, Victoria

    © Mark Proctor

  • Flinders Chase Coastal Trek, Kangaroo Island

    Flinders Chase Coastal Trek, Kangaroo Island

    © Jeremy Carter

  • Blinman Pools, Flinders Ranges

    Blinman Pools, Flinders Ranges

    © Gabrielle McMahon

  • Creek gorge, the Bunkers, Flinders Ranges

    Creek gorge, the Bunkers, Flinders Ranges

    © Jeremy Carter

  • Heysen Trail extended walk - Quorn area

    Heysen Trail extended walk - Quorn area

  • Northern Flinders Ranges

    Northern Flinders Ranges

  • Heysen Trail extended walk – Northern Flinders Ranges

    Heysen Trail extended walk – Northern Flinders Ranges

  • Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail

    Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail

  • Deep Creek

    Deep Creek

  • New Member Weekend

    New Member Weekend

Hikes & Activities

Activities encompass day hikes, walks, bushwalks, multi-day treks, kayaking, canoeing, cycling and social events.

Upcoming Hikes & Activities

A selection of our upcoming Activity Program is below.
Date/s Activity Type Name / Location Grading
Sun 8th - Fri 13th Aug Multi-day Walk Flinders Ranges-Ikara National Park M E M Q
Sat 14th - Sun 15th Aug Multi-day Walk Palmer S M M
Fri 20th - Mon 30th Aug Extended Walk Mawson Plateau SA M M H
Sat 21st - Sat 28th Aug Multi-day Walk Gawler Ranges National Park Day Walks M M M
Sat 4th - Sun 5th Sep Multi-day Walk Nakun Kungun Hike - Coorong Nat Park M E E Q

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Sun 8/8 - Fri 13/8
Flinders Ranges-Ikara National Park
Activity Type
Multi-day Walk
Sat 14/8 - Sun 15/8
Activity Type
Multi-day Walk
Fri 20/8 - Mon 30/8
Mawson Plateau SA
Activity Type
Extended Walk
Sat 21/8 - Sat 28/8
Gawler Ranges National Park Day Walks
Activity Type
Multi-day Walk
Sat 4/9 - Sun 5/9
Nakun Kungun Hike - Coorong Nat Park
Activity Type
Multi-day Walk

Participating in Hikes & Activities

To participate in an activity, you need to be a Member or a Casual Participant.

Activity Types

Activity Type Description
Day Walk Hike of 6-8 hours duration
Multi-day Walk Hike over multiple days, carrying a pack with a tent, clothing, food and water (weighing around 18 kg for a weekend walk), and camping overnight
Extended Walk Longer multi-day walk, around 5-10 days
Wednesday Walk A day walk of usually 3 to 4 hours duration running year-round. Between November and March these walks start at 8:30am. Between April and October they start at 9:30am. A walk will be cancelled if the forecast temperature for Adelaide is 34 degC or higher
Cycle Single or multi-day bicycle ride
Kayak/Canoe Single or multi-day kayak or canoe trip
Training Walk
New Members Weekend Open to new and recently joined members, covering the basics of bushwalking including gear, clothing, food and basic navigation
Conservation Project
Meeting 1st Wednesday of the month, includes a guest speaker. More info about meetings
Annual General Meeting

Grading System

Walks are generally classified in order of difficulty using the coding system below, allowing walkers to decide which walks are within their capabilities. A walk may be classified e.g. L/M/E – Q. This would mean long distances, some uphill work, mainly on tracks and a Q means it is a qualifying walk. Members unsure of their fitness level should start at the easier end of the program and work their way up to their own level.

Daily Distance Gradient Terrain Qualifying
S Short, 10km or less E Undulating E Track or open ground (4 kph+) Q Prospective Member can use towards qualifying for Full Membership
M Medium, 10-20km M Steep M Medium scrub (2-4 kph)
L Long, over 20km H Very steep or exposed H Heavy scrub/rock (0-2 kph)

Q: Prospective Member can use towards qualifying for Full Membership

Distance and climb are approximate only based on the leaders best estimate.

If you are a Prospective Member, always check with the leader who can advise whether the walk is suitable.

If you have a medical problem (eg. epilepsy, diabetes, asthma etc) which may require emergency medication please, advise the trip leader before arranging to go on the walk.


Day Walks

Day walks are usually ½ to 1 hour drive from Adelaide and include:

  • Cleland Conservation Park
  • Morialta and Black Hill Conservation Parks
  • Anstey Hill
  • Belair National Park
  • Brownhill Creek
  • Para Wirra Recreation Parks
  • Mt Crawford Forest
  • Horsnell Gully Conservation Park
  • Scott Creek Conservation Parks

Sunday walks usually start around 9.00am and finish late afternoon and include a stop for lunch. Wednesday walks usually start around 9:00am and finish around 4:00pm.

Leaders generally talk about their Sunday and Wednesday walks at the meeting preceding the walk.

Weekend Walks

Weekend walk destinations include:

  • Deep Creek Conservation Park
  • Southern Flinders Ranges area including:
    • Mt Remarkable
    • Telowie Gorge
    • Mambray Creek
    • Alligator Gorge
  • Warren Gorge, Mt Arden and Dutchmans Stern (near Quorn)
  • Innes National Park on the Yorke Peninsula

Long Weekend Walks

The club organises two popular bus trips over the June and October long weekends.

Members can choose from four or five different walks including a base camp. The bus trips are seen as a highlight of the walking year and it pays to book early.

Long weekend walk destinations include:

  • Grampians, Victoria
  • Flinders Ranges area including:
    • Wilpena Pound
    • Elder Range
    • Aroona Valley
    • Parachilna Gorge

Week Long Walks

Longer walks (1 week or more) may be to:

  • Gammons National Park
  • Mawson Plateau
  • Northern Territory
  • Tasmania
  • New Zealand

Canoeing and Kayaking

Popular canoeing destinations include the Glenelg River near Nelson in Victoria and the River Murray near Renmark.

New Member Weekends

The club holds one or two new member weekends per year. They cover the basics of bushwalking including gear, clothes, food and basic navigation. More importantly these weekends allow newer members to meet and socialise both with each other and the more experienced members of the club.

These weekends are open to new and recently joined members. Some Full Members also join in to share their experiences. New Member Weekends are listed in the walks program.


Transport to and from the walk, in most cases, is by private car. Passengers are therefore expected to treat the vehicle in which they have been invited to travel with due respect and contribute towards the cost of the trip. Do not commit yourself to a trip unless you are positive you are going to attend. Pulling out after you have arranged transport means that others are going to have to pay extra to cover your costs.

The following formula for sharing petrol costs is generally accepted by club members. The cost of petrol is shared amongst the passengers, as the car owner/driver must pay for servicing, repairs and registration. Please allow to pay your share according to these formulas unless alternative arrangements have been made:

  1. If there are more than three or more passengers: Double the cost of petrol, divide by the number of people in the car including the driver/owner. All passengers pay the driver/owner their share.
  2. If there is only the driver/owner and one passenger: the passenger should pay the driver/owner two thirds of the cost of the petrol.
Hiking gear for hire at reasonable rates. Try out gear before you buy your own.
Checklist of equipment, food ideas, water, first aid list, rules, minimal impact bushwalking and what to do if you get lost.
Meetings 7:30pm on the 1st Wednesday of the month, in the hall at the North Adelaide Community Centre.
Joining ABW takes you to new places you may never have heard of, off the beaten track, and to have new experiences.
Adelaide Bushwalkers