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Quick Start Guide

If you’re reasonably new to the idea of full pack-carrying hiking then this guide will give you some important information that will help make your walking experience with Adelaide Bushwalkers (ABW) both safe and enjoyable.

There’s no doubt that hiking with ABW is a fabulous way to explore our natural environment with a group of friendly like-minded people. And although walking with a group is far safer than walking alone, there is still a certain amount of personal responsibility you must take before joining one of our walks.
This guide does NOT cover every aspect of bushwalking. Rather, it’s goal is to simply provide some basic information to at least get you started before joining your first walk with the Club.

There is a lot more to learn in order to become a competent and skillful bushwalker, but the more walks you undertake with ABW, the more you will experience and learn. That being said, we expect all our members to be as self-sufficient as possible when on the trail.

Attending one of our New Member Training Weekend’s is also an excellent way to get up to speed very quickly with some of the more important aspects of overnight full pack-carrying hiking.

In the end, if you have questions or are unsure of anything please get in touch with your walk leader. Alternatively, come along to the next ABW General Meeting, held on the first Wednesday every month from 7.30pm (except January). More details on the website.

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