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Tandanya Magazine

Tandanya was a magazine of the Adelaide Bushwalkers and is no longer produced. It is been replaced by an online blog. Many of the magazines have been uploaded to this blog. The blog contains articles of general interest to bushwalkers and our members. We're always keen to receive articles from members about hikes in South Australia or further afield, or from anyone with an article of interest to bushwalkers.

Summer 2020

February 4, 2021
Tandanya Magazine: Summer 2020

Our Summer 2020 edition is out, featuring:

  • The Flinders Spectacular 2020 - Paul Falkenberg
  • Narrina - Mal Watt
  • Eckert Creek - David Wattchow
  • New Bushwalks - Mike Round
  • Deep Creek-hard yacka - John Glover
  • Extra Walking Motivation - Mike Close

Winter 2020

July 10, 2020
Tandanya Magazine: Winter 2020

Our Winter 2020 edition is out, featuring:

  • The Search For Vanishing Falls-Attempt 2 - Trevor Jones
  • Reminiscences of a Tasmaniophile - John Bartlett
  • The Stirling Range High Traverse - Michael Round
  • The Hawker Hill Range And Its Surprising Pound - Michael Round
  • Bushwalk Over Space And Time And Discover South Australia’s Rockstars - Bruce Marquis
  • Flinders Ranges Reading-Three mid 19th Century Accounts - Michael Round

Autumn 2020

March 5, 2020
Tandanya Magazine: Autumn 2020

Our Autumn 2020 edition is out, featuring:

  • Carther Way-France - Lee Marling
  • Canoe Tripping - Mark Darter
  • The Flinders Less Trodden - Mike Round
  • Dealing With Snakes - Bruce Marquis
  • ABW 2019 Photo Competition - Roxanne Crook
  • The Future Of The KI Wilderness Trail Development Since The Bushfires - ABC Radio Adelaide
  • Kangaroo Island Fires, an Ecological Catastrophe - Tony Robinson

Summer 2019

December 9, 2019
Tandanya Magazine: Summer 2019

Our Summer 2019 edition is out, featuring:

  • The incredibly tough but ultimately vulnerable South Coorong Lagoon - Bruce Marquis
  • Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges Home to Wirti Udla Varri - Ray Hickman
  • Tragedy, Sadness and Healing - Jim McLean, Walking SA
  • Palmer Hills Gorges 2019 - Paul Falkenberg
  • ABW History - Bruce Marquis

Spring 2019

October 1, 2019
Tandanya Magazine: Spring 2019

Our Spring 2019 edition is out, featuring:

  • The Long Walk to Getting Wilderness Conservation 'Back on Track' - Friends of Parks KI Western Districts and the Field Naturalists Society
  • Minaaka Apinhanga - Rebecca Richards
  • Flinders Ranges - Mal Watt
  • Going Greek: A walk around Sifnos Island - Martin Flood
  • Mambray Creek - Lee Marling
  • Lost Walker - Yan Zhuang and Rachel Eddie
  • Tahune Hut Logbook - Jason Quinn
  • Solo Walk 'Cape to Cape' Western Australia - Mal Watt

Winter 2019

July 2, 2019
Tandanya Magazine: Winter 2019

Our Winter 2019 edition is out, featuring:

  • GPS–based, Long–distance Walking Trail - Ray Hickman
  • Mt Aspiring National Park New Zealand - Mal Watt
  • Tasmania’s Flinders Island - Arthur Ward
  • Leadership Mentoring - Ben Campbell
  • Aboriginal Rock Art in South Australia - Roxanne Crook
  • Lincoln National Park - Roger Kempson

Autumn 2019

March 21, 2019
Tandanya Magazine: Autumn 2019

Our Autumn 2019 edition is out, featuring:

  • Wanderings Of The Wednesday Walkers by John Bartlett
  • Blanchetown Backwaters by David Wattchow
  • Log Book Excerpts by Bruce Marquis
  • Adelaide Canoe Club by Bruce Gregor
  • Disposing of Gas Canisters by Bruce Marquis
  • Snowball Earth Glaciation Evidence Near Adelaide by Bruce Marquis

Summer 2018

December 11, 2018
Tandanya Magazine: Summer 2018

Our Summer 2018 edition is out, featuring:

Crafers - Mt Lofty area, 26 Jun
Mambray Creek Mt Remarkable National Park, 29 Jun - 30 Jun
Black Hill Conservation Park, 7 Jul
Mt Zeil and Larapinta, NT, 12 Jul - 1 Aug
Para Wirra/KARRAWIRRA-TYA-ILLA, 13 Jul - 14 Jul
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