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Welcome to our first Tandanya magazine for a while, and a new beginning. A few words about this edition are worthwhile. 

Jules’s article is the jewel in the crown. It’s her words and photos from a travel diary, lightly edited and formatted into a web document. That’s also her photo on the cover. What makes it unique is the honest approach; there’s no bravado or exaggeration. Anyone planning the trip will get a clear view of the challenges ahead.

Lee’s article is ...

6 Days on the Mount Anne Circuit

When hearing about a hike, the temptation to ask ‘how far are you hiking’ is innocent enough; however this question is fraught with uncertainties – and the truth is, there is no correct answer. As a South Australian completing the Heysen, I could cover 30-35km a day or 6km an hour if that section of track was favourable. For this Tasmanian Mt Anne Circuit, there were many sheer ridgeline-kilometres that took 2 hours to achieve each 1km. Timing and tyranny ...

Planning Walks in the Pyrenees

The Pyrenees is the mountain range that runs east to west from the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean.  It forms the border between France and Spain.  It’s an area rich in agricultural and mining history, prehistoric remains and large forests.

I had come across this blog that got me interested in further research and the first walk I led for the club in 2018 began to take shape

Pushing through the cattle

It soon becomes apparent that there are very many walking options along ...

in verse

Why Walk

why do you walk

I asked him bare faced

in a moment when we trekked 

on the rim of the world

while the sun shone and shone

blowing bright clouds like kisses

across ultramarine skies

that had no right to be so 

so blue

so intense that the laws of physics

failed to make sense of it

why do you walk I asked him

and he thought a moment

looking around 

just to be sure

it’s this

I walk because of this

all day at work

I fold myself behind a screen

juggle numbers

clockwork cogs of finance

pull strings ...

Tasmanian Bush Safety: 1977 and Now

From the Archive: a pamphlet produced in 1977 shows just how little has changed.

See the end for suggested 2024 updates.

PREPARATION FOR THE TRIP Plan your route beforehand and obtain intormation from experienced walkers or people who are familiar with the area. Do not undertake too much within the time available and recognise your limitations in relation to the country to be covered. Obtain the best maps and always carry a compass. Learn how to use both of them. Don’t underestimate ...

Kaurna Place Names: A Brief Guide

What better way to relaunch our journal than by paying respect to its name and the people it comes from.

The Kaurna of the Adelaide plain have country from Parawa in the south to near Crystal Brook. By the 1860s, their language was no longer spoken, but several early efforts to write it down have survived to this day.

Adelaide. Looking southeast from point near Strangways Terrace. By S. Calvert 1850-55

Tandanya of course is named for the location of the city of ...

Walking ‘Beyond the Heysen’

From where the Heysen Trail ends in Parachilna Gorge, the Flinders Ranges extend North through pastoral leases, conservation areas, Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges National Park, Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary and the Indigenous Protected Area of Nantawarrina, to Mt Hopeless.

Citizen Science in the Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges National Park

This item reports on an environmental monitoring project being conducted in the Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges National Park by members of the Park’s Friends group. Early reports on this project have appeared in the Autumn, 2017 and Summer, 2019 issues of Tandanya. It is a Citizen Science project that sees Friends group members working under the guidance, and with the support, of scientific professionals including Mr Robert Brandle, Senior Conservation Ecologist, DEW. (from Tandanya Autumn 2021)

Statistics, Log Books and Trail Monitors in South Australia

Scattered throughout our state there are trail monitors on trails and Summit Logbooks on peaks and they provide us with a wealth of information. For example they show how many walkers are using the trails which, in turn, will validate trail improvements and infra structure measures. These statistics are also useful when governments review policy such as the Pastoral Act late last year and can assist local entities in land management and regulation. From Tandanya Autumn 2021.

Cape Jarvis to Victor Harbor

The route from Cape Jervis to Victor Harbour is one of the most beautiful coastal walks in SA. It traverses Deep Creek and Newland Head conservation parks as well as the magnificent Waitpinga Cliffs. From Tandanya Autumn 2021

Eckert Creek

For four cold days in June 2020, a group of bushies used canoes to explore the water ways of the Eckert wide Waters just south of Berrie

Walking In The Central Pyrenees

This ten day loop walk was based in and around the Parc National des Pyrenees in France and the Parque Nacional de Ordesa y Monte Perdido in Spain. The loop combined sections of the three main trans Pyrenees walking trails: Le Sentier des Pyrenees GR10 (France), La Senda Pirenaica GR11(Spain) and the Pyrenean Haute Route. I used the Cicerone guides for these routes as well as some maps I had acquired through book depository and some web blogs for route ...

Half-day Eden Hills, 24 Jul
Caroona Creek Conservation Park, 27 Jul - 28 Jul
Four Seasons - Winter - Port Adelaide, 28 Jul
Half-day, Torrens Linear Park loop, St Peters-CBD, 31 Jul
Dutchman's Stern, 3 Aug - 4 Aug
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Checklist of equipment, food ideas, water, first aid list, rules, minimal impact bushwalking and what to do if you get lost.
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