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Gawer Ranges – Eyre Peninsula

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Far West and Eyre Peninsula
Day Walk
4 - 6 days
4WD based car camping & day walks. It may be possible to organise some multiday walking in the area but it would require covering significant distances over arid terrain between points of interest and campsites. Despite the preference for a 4WD trip this area offers very good, remote bush camping and interesting scenery and short walks. Nearby St Ive Station offers public camping, accommodation, limited shopping and fuel facilities as well as 4WD self guided tours in the area and to Lake Gairdner (see it at sunrise) - It is worth a 1-2 day visit.
October 21, 2016, by Trevor May
Gawler Range National Park entry and camping permits apply.

St Ive Station offers public camping, accommodation and other facilities for a fee. It is outside the park but worth a visit.
Relevant road maps, national park and local maps as available. Topo maps may also be applicable.
The Gawler Ranges is approximately 700km and 8 hours driving from Adelaide, excluding breaks, ie a full day's drive each way.

To enjoy the Ranges fully a high clearance 4WD is recommended. Most of the more interesting park tracks require high clearance, a few require low range. St Ive Station offers interesting self guided 4WD trips for a fee.

There are a lot of interesting places to visit within the park and in the general area, mostly on well formed but changeable unsealed roads which may be subject to rain damage so a reliable vehicle with good tyres and a spare is recommended.

The area is remote but relatively well used by locals and visitors. Mobile coverage may be patchy especially for non-Telstra services.
Generally it is preferable to carry water although there may be water in a few gorges and rock holes after rain.
Relevant national park restrictions apply at any time. Check at the time.

Visitors are asked to bring firewood to minimise the use of arid area ground wood.

There is no particular route recommended here.  There are numerous roads and tracks available and various park maps to explore by choice and subject to time available.  Many lead to or go past historic or geological points of interest which can be explored on foot with many good bush camping sites along the way.

As above, it is recommended that a trip to the area includes St Ive Station, especially Lake Gairdner at sunrise. This and other trips on the Station can be booked at their office.

St I’ve Station offers serviced accommodation and camping plus fuel and limited shopping.

The national park also offers some accommodation which needs to be booked.

The national park also offers numerous excellent, remote, unserviced bush camp sites. It’s best to travel about with all you need to camp so you can stop where and when it suits or appeals.

Supplementary Information

As above, this is not a typical bushwalk but an interesting area which bushwalkers might find interesting as a  4WD camping trip to an interesting remote area in itself or as an opportunity to combine the trip with exploration of Eyre Peninsula and the Coffin Bay or Pt Lincoln National Parks, the latter of which does offer multiday walking opportunities.

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