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Gluepot Reserve north of Waikerie

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Eastern SA and Murraylands
Multi-day Walk
2 days
This qualifying walk in Gluepot Reserve was executed over 2 days. This bird sanctuary owned and managed by Birds Australia is on 50,000 hectares of semi-arid Mallee scrub. It is part of the largest block of intact Mallee left in Australia, and is home to many endangered bird species. It provides easy and flat walking trails which facilitate good animal and bird spotting opportunities as you don't have to spend all day watching your step.
November 2, 2016, by Tracy Bryant
Camping permits required and payment is made at the Visitor Information Centre. At the time of this entry cost was $10 per car per night.
Gluepot Reserve is managed by rotating volunteer rangers. They were contacted prior to the walk to advise of the proposed walk and number of walkers. They were contacted again the week preceding the walk to check weather and road conditions. Phone 08 88928600
Birds Australia Gluepot Reserve map (1:100,000) is available on the Gluepot website and a copy is attached herewith (shows vehicle and walking trails and campsites but does not have grid references)
Topographic maps:
1:250,000 Chowilla
1:100,000 Parcoola
Gluepot can be approached from either Waikerie or Morgan, with walkers encouraged to arrive on Friday evening before dark, due to the 60km drive along an unsealed road from Taylorville.
It is approx 3 hours from Adelaide with the unsealed road section taking about an hour.
The unsealed road into Gluepot can be driven in 2WD vehicles in good weather conditions.
There are water tanks at the campsites but the volunteer rangers encourage campers to bring their own water, hence we brought water in and stored in the ute for camp Saturday night and the walk on Sunday.

On Saturday morning we left Babbler campsite at 0900 and walked in a westerly direction back towards the Homestead and Visitors Centre. We then took vehicle track 6 north towards Froggy Dam with a morning tea stop adjacent to the air strip. We enjoyed mild weather after a fresh start with a minimum temp of – 0.5 degrees Celsius. We investigated the bird hide at Froggy Dam but a bunch of 14 noisy bushwalkers couldnt keep quiet and still long enough to attract any birds. We had lunch in this area. Luckily for late October we had great weather with a mild slightly overcast day, and a breeze keeping the flies at bay. After lunch we followed Walking Track 9 which partly follows the Northern perimeter of the sanctuary before coming onto vehicle track number 4 and then number 2 to Sitella Campsite. Approximately 23 kms for the day.

We had left a vehicle in Sitella campsite with water. We were treated to another fine star filled evening with an amazing dawn chorus of birds on Sunday. After breaking camp at Sitella at 0830 we walked back to vehicle track 4 and headed South to pick up the Oil-Line walking track. We walked along this in an Easterly direction back towards the Homestead and then onto the Babbler Campsite to collect our cars by midday. Approximately 14 kms on Sunday.

Friday night Babbler Campsite

Saturday night Sitella Campsite.

All campsites in Gluepot have cleared camping areas and 1 drop toilet with a water tank.

The campsites are well signposted.

Supplementary Information

While it is easy walking in this area along well marked trails, the volunteer rangers discouraged us from walking off track. I would also recommend bike riding in this area.  For more information on Gluepot Reserve visit the website : www.gluepot.org

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