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Grampians – Borough huts area

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Multi-day Walk
3 days
2.5 day walk (long weekend), starting from Borough Huts campground. Climbing Mt Ngarra Mananinja Gadjin (droping packs), then down Bovine Ck. Visit to Glenbower falls on last morning.
October 20, 2014, by Trevor Jones
Need a camping permit for Borough Huts
Southern Grampians Outdoor Recreation Guide
About a 6hr drive
Normally water readily available.

Grid Ref’s from the Southern Grampians Outdoor Recreation Guide – GDA94.
Day 1: From Borough huts along Redman Track 4km, then Seven Dials track 3.5km to 407,758. Drop packs, climb up ridge then to saddle/flatish spot across creek/gorge at 413,753, and on up to Mt Gadjin. Light scratchy scrub – need gaiters, gloves good.
Back to packs then along track about 400m to camp.
Day 2: Drop down from camp into Bovine Ck, follow ck down to falls – some steepish and slippery rock scrambling. Can be quite slippery if had recent rain. Falls can be descended (off top then sidle left/Sth and down), or thru bush on the Sth side.
Continue down ck (track shown on old maps no longer exists), pick exit to Mt William Rd at 367,767. Walk down to the main road, follow nth 200m then leave on 4wd heading west (keep to left choice), and head west to T-junction with Ingleton Tk, follow north to junction with track heading back to Borough Huts – 357,787.
Day 3: Head north to junction with walking track to Borough Huts, drop packs, head up walking track (across 2 creeks) to 349,797, follow 4wd track (if you can find it) or contour thru light scrub to Glenbower Ck, follow up to falls.

Night 1 – Seven Dials Tk comes to an end (for vehicles) shortly after the spot where packs dropped. Push thru scrub 40m, when clear again slightly slopping 4wd track has spots for 8-9 tents.
Night 2 – The track from Ingleton Tk back to Borough Huts is blocked – as at Oct 2014, (near Borough Huts) so is pretty good for camping on. Spots at junction with Ingleton Tk, or 50-70m down the track.

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Hard terrain due to the scrub spots, and tricky rock scrambling.

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