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Mawson Plateau – From the North

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Flinders Ranges and Far North
Extended Walk
7 - 10 days
This describes a multiday walk in Mawson Plateau approaching the Plateau from the North via Mt Freeling Station and Mt Fitton Station ruin. Once on the Plateau a choice can be made between one or more base camps and day walks to explore the area. Note: an alternative route onto the Southern Plateau is via Paralana Hot Springs. Not described here.
July 17, 2014, by Trevor May
July 7, 2016, by T May
Permission to enter from the north is required from Mt Freeling Station (tel (08) 8648 4851.) Fees for having vehicles on the property apply. (ie $50/vehicle/night - negotiable). See their Web site.

Mt Freeling also offers basic but OK accommodation in their old shearer's quarters for $30p/p/n. twin share. Book ahead.
Yudmatana 1:50,000 covers the walk area. This is at the end of the 1:50,000 map coverage.

The station track from Mt Fitton Ruin is mostly off map and can be vague in places. It commences from the Moolawatana Rd, which runs past Mt Fitton ruin, just before crossing the creek to the Mt Fitton ruin. The track runs approximately WSW and becomes parallel with Hamilton Ck.

A road map of the area is useful ie RAA Flinders Ranges and Outback.

NOTE: Map references given here are based on Projection AGD 1984
The total return distance from Adelaide for this activity is c 1600kms. A high clearance 4WD vehicle is required for the station track section of c 10kms. The Strzelecki Track is unsealed but mostly OK when dry. The Moolawatana Rd (79kms from Lyndhurst) is OK to Mt Freeling (26kms) but beyond the talc mine(18kms) can be rough and slow (22kms). Good tyres, an extra spare and reduced tyre pressures are recommended on these unsealed sections. In July 2014 there was diesel but no petrol at Lyndhurst. Petrol at Copley or Leigh Creek. There are NO services, mobile coverage or support beyond Lyndhurst. The travel plan for one trip was as follows.
- Drive to Hawker pm on day 1 and dine at the hotel. Night in Hawker.
- Day to drive from Hawker to the car base camp at 523 763 (approx.)
- Day to walk up to the plateau from the cars.
- Day walks or walks between camps on the plateau. (This trip base camped at 499 707 for 6 nights)
- Day to walk back to the cars and drive to Mt Freeling Station and spend a night there.
- Full day to drive from Mt Freeling to Adelaide.
There is usually no water until you get onto the plateau. Water should be carried into the car base camp. However there is adequate permanent water in a number of large deep granite waterholes on the plateau. ie at the above camp site.
There are no known restrictions other than getting permission to be on Mt Freeling Station property and leaving any gates as they are found.

There are two know routes onto the plateau from the north.
a) the one used for this entry was from the car base at 523 763 along spurs and ridges to the base camp (499 707) . See map. This is a moderate/easy 4-5 hour walk.
b) An alternative car base is at 566 768. The walk in is then along a creek that crossed onto the map at 553 750. There are at least 2 OK camp sites (541 740 & 520 706) along this route however it can be quite slow and possibly hard for some negotiating the numerous scenic rock pools with full packs. This scenic creek can be explored as a day walk from the base camp.
Once on the plateau there are numerous scenic day walk options. See map. However the going can be slow.ie:
Base (2) – 3-4-8(side trip) and return as required. (Spectacular)
Base – 5-7 and return. (More rockholes)
Base -11 (Edmon’s Hill) -6-7 and return. (Rock holes and waterholes)
Base -9-10-9 and return. (escarpment view)
Note: distances are not great but the going can be slow. Walks can be organised and varied to preference. A map is essential. Creeks are spectacular but slow. Sometimes a route out of the creeks can save time if required.

There are numerous good campsites and even more if there’s been recent rain. eg.
499 707 (Ray’s Waterhole – good base camp), 541 740, 520 706, 474 678 (Star Drop Waterhole – good base Camp), 487 677 (T Junction Waterhole – good Base camp). Note the two latter base camp options are a good launching point to tackle Freeling Heights.

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