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Mt Falkland – Heysen Range

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Flinders Ranges and Far North
Multi-day Walk
3 days
September 2, 2016, by Trevor May
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Accessed is generally from the East and off the Heysen Trail. While properties in the area are privately owned or leased permits have not usually been required. However if traversing areas to the east visitors should be aware that it is private and may be part of local organised tourism activities.
Blinman 1:50,000 covers Mt Falkland and surrounds.
Orraparinna 1:50,000 covers the Aroona Valley, the Old Aroona homestead site and camping ground if approaching from the South.
Mt Falkland can be approached from North, South or East.
. Suitable car campsites can be found in Parachilna Gorge at or near the Angorichina Hostel/camp ground.
. There is an alternative walk-in campsite to the East on Wild Dog Creek at a spring at 662512 which is c 400m W of where it is marked on the Blinman map.
. The Aroona Homestead car camp ground, off Brachina Gorge, is another starting point but would require an early start and some solid walking to reach Mt Falkland in a day.

Travel time to these car campsites by car from Adelaide is from 6-7 hours.
The spring at Wild Dog creek (662512) is usually reliable but small. There is no known alternative, reliable water supply in the vicinity of Mt Falkland other than the major creeks and gorges after there has been rain. There is no water on Mt Falkland. 2L of water should always be carried.
There is a tank at the hikers camp on the Heysen Trail approx. 500m from the trail head on Parachilna Gorge Rd. (unpredictable)
There is a well and pump on the Heysen Trail at Pigeon Bore 673410.
A modest amount of water was available at the spring after a long dry spell - June 2018
Normal fire restrictions apply however fires should be modest. This area is outside the total fire ban zone of the Flinders National Park.

A) From the North – Mt Falkland can be summited starting from Parachilna Gorge where it crosses the Heysen Trail.  There are a number of spurs leading up from the Heysen trail which can be chosen by sight.  Near the top it is usually necessary to get onto the range a short distance Nth of the summit and get there along the ridge.   This could be done as a day walk or as a high camp if carrying water.  The route down can be the reverse of the ascent of via one of the spurs leading down to the SE.  At all times care is required to avoid the steeper areas and to look out for the less steep routes down along suitable spurs.

B) From the East –  A camp at Wild Dog Creek can be a start for a high camp or a base for a day walk to/from the summit. As above, carefully choose the longest,  less steep spurs to follow up and down and approach the summit from around it and not directly.  The spur starting at 657498 is an OK starting point for the climb. (Note, this approach can be part of a walk encompassing Blinman Pools etc before or after climbing Mt Falkland)

c) From the South – The ascent can be via spurs off the Heysen trail just to the South or North of Mt Falkland but preferably not directly to it’s East which is steeper. There is a good ascent start at c 483659 on the Heysen Trail which takes you up to near Mt Bell from which the ridge line could be followed to the summit. There is also an excellent high campsite near Mt Bell at 677477 if required.

The summit can also be climbed by following the ridge line from Crisp Gorge, Dead Goat Soak (677462 – which is now dry) past Nintenda Peak and Mt Bell.  This is an OK but long steep limb and should be traversed on the ridge or along negotiable routes below the ridge to the East. West of the ridge line becomes steep and difficult. Coming from Aroona Homestead this is a longish day and the last reliable water is at Pigeon Bore unless there has been recent rain.

Wild Dog Creek  662512 – usually reliable Spring.

Near Mt Bell  677477 – no water

Numerous other options subject to water availabil;ity.


Supplementary Information

Routes to/from Mt Falkland can only be described in overview and with broad directions. The terrain is very rough, steep in places and variable so the actual detailed routes involve  choosing the best path that is obvious at the time.  However it is important to keep looking a long way ahead and getting to a vantage point as often as possible. In this way routes can be seen which can be surprisingly easy, despite the terrain.

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