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The Grampians – Mt Rosea Circuit.

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Multi-day Walk
3 days
This walk has been done as a 2.5 day walk as part of an ABW LWE bus trip to the Grampians and based at Borough Huts. It mostly follows now disused tracks which have become overgrown in recent years and can be difficult and slow in places.
September 3, 2016, by Trevor May
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A Parks Vic pass is required to leave a bus/vehicle at the Borough Huts camp ground. Enquires should be made re current rules/costs at any time.
Vic Maps. Nth Grampians 1:50,000
Adelaide to Halls Gap is 500km. Travel time is 5-6 hours minimum excluding stops.
Water can usually be found in creeks in the Grampians during the walking season. However 2L should be carried.
The Grampians National Park is now a fuel stove only area.
In some conditions even fuel stoves my be restricted.
Due to fires and flooding and the respective damage caused some Grampians areas can be closed for months at a time.
There can also be flora/fauna based conservation restrictions at times.
Enquiries should be made regarding any current restrictions or area/road closures at any time.

The following describes the walk as conducted at least twice on an ABW bus trip albeit with some management tracks being disused and severely overgrown in October 2014.

. Day 1.  Bus transport from Borough Huts to the road junction at 323840 near Mt Rosea camp ground.  Note: This must be accessed via Halls Gap, Mt Victory Rd and Silverband Rd.  The direct route via the continuation of Silverband Rd and the Grampians Tourist Rd is one way, down hill.    Drop/hide packs and do the walk on the walking track to Mt Rosea and return (take lunch) – (this walking track does continue to Borough Huts offering a day walk opportunity from there to Mt Rosea.) Then follow Stoney Ck Rd then left onto Rosea track.  Have a look at the Wall of China. Camp at/near 310820 where there is a cleared site.

. Day 2.  Leave packs and do a morning walk to Calectasia Falls and Tower Hill. This may be best done via the track to Tower Hill  and return  due to dense scrub.  Continue along Rosea Track to the junction at 307804 with a disused management track – beware, the junction is overgrown and not obvious.  Follow this track as best you can until it peters out and find a suitable camp site in that vicinity. A short walk to Castle rock is an option.  Be prepared to follow the Sth side of  the creek to Middleton Gap next morning. Do NOT follow the Nth side.

. Day 3.  Follow the creek, on the Sth side, picking the easiest route towards the saddle at Middleton Gap.  At the saddle climb to higher ground to the Sth (do not go straight over the saddle) and try and locate a vague walking track down a spur to, eventually, connect with the disused maintenance track leading down towards Borough Huts. This was quite overgrown and needs some concentration, imagination and navigation to follow.  There are some ribbon markers in places.  This section from camp can take 3 hours or more.



Sites as indicated above.   There are plenty of alternatives subject to access to water.

Supplementary Information

Despite the marked ‘tracks’ navigation is required on the disused tracks.  This walk is obviously not being facilitated by Vic Parks so later map versions may not show the overgrown tracks.

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