"Takes you places"

7:30 pm 6 April 2016

Harald EhmannThis month’s presentation features This month’s presentation is by Harald Ehmann who has worked in environmental science and education for over 40 years. Harald has travelled extensively throughout Australia in the course of his work but has specialised in SA’s arid and semi-arid regions where his interests include mammals, birds, reptiles, frogs and fishes. He authored the comprehensive and well-illustrated book “South Australian Rangelands and Aboriginal Lands Wildlife Management Manual”.

Harald was a member of ABW in his twenties and he will tell us about some of his most recent trips and discoveries. We are bound to be well-entertained and to learn a lot about some of the remoter parts of parts of SA.

Quarry Lake, Highbury, 31 May
Mount Difficult (Northern Grampians), 2 Jun - 4 Jun
Wilpena - from Rawnsley Park, 9 Jun - 12 Jun
Rawnsley Park, 9 Jun - 12 Jun
Flinders Ranges: June LWE bus trip registration, 9 Jun - 12 Jun
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Checklist of equipment, food ideas, water, first aid list, rules, minimal impact bushwalking and what to do if you get lost.
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