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rare endemic Purple Spotted Gudgeon Gammon RangesOur guest speaker at our meeting on Wednesday 2nd September will be:

Gammon Ranges and the rare endemic Purple Spotted Gudgeon
by David Schmarr, SARDI Aquatics Research (South Australian Research and Development Institute)

For the last decade, David has been investigating the ecology of Lake Eyre Basin (LEB) rivers and several rockholes in the northern Flinders Ranges. His work has taken him to many of the critical aquatic habitats across the basin, including many inaccessible to the general public. In his talk he will present research highlights from fish surveys in the LEB with particular focus on the Gammon Ranges and the rare endemic Purple Spotted Gudgeon that is restricted to a single spring in the area.

ABW regularly walk in the Gammons and kayaked in the Lake Eyre Basin rivers about four years ago so this presentation should be of great interest to many members.

Crafers - Mt Lofty area, 26 Jun
Mambray Creek Mt Remarkable National Park, 29 Jun - 30 Jun
Black Hill Conservation Park, 7 Jul
Mt Zeil and Larapinta, NT, 12 Jul - 1 Aug
Para Wirra/KARRAWIRRA-TYA-ILLA, 13 Jul - 14 Jul
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