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Bruce Gregor is a member of ABW and the Adelaide Canoe Club. At the October general meeting and most people in the conversation thought the clubs have a lot in common (not competition) so an article in Tandanya about the canoe club would be a great idea.

“Bushwalking on water” is how kayaking is often described, and when you are skimming across a mirror-flat stretch of water with the seabed gliding beneath you, you can see the appeal!

Kayaking and canoeing has gained in popularity over the last 20 years with advancements in design, variety of craft, and availability. The Adelaide Canoe Club focusses on recreational kayaking and canoeing, and also has several members participating in canoe polo.

The Club has Australian Canoeing Accredited instructors and guides who lead the publicised programs, and train other members in areas of equipment, technique, Eskimo rolling, and rescues. Safety is a high priority for the Club, and high focus is placed on minimising risk by interpreting the weather forecast and sea conditions.

For anyone new to kayaking, the Club can provide advice on purchasing the right equipment for the types of paddling that is to be undertaken and the budget available. Club members bring their own boats to the predetermined point for the Club activity. Most trips tend to culminate in replenishing lost calories at a local café or bakery!

  • The Club offers a program of paddling activities which runs throughout the year and caters for a range of outings. These include:
  • Half to full day trips, mostly along the metropolitan coast or on local rivers
  • Weekend trips, either from a caraccessible campsite or kayak self-sufficient camp
    Extended river or sea trips for those members with approved skills and experience.

Common day paddles include Seacliff to Hallett Cove, Largs Bay to Outer Harbour, exploring the mangroves near Garden Island, circumnavigating Torrens Island, or touring the Coorong.

Weekend trips can involve successive day-trips exploring the surrounds of an island or inland waterway from a car-accessible campsite. Alternatively they may involve progressive paddling from one campsite to another over several days, carrying all camping gear and provisions aboard. Typically these trips are to the Riverland, the SA peninsulas or the Coorong.

Extended trips are for the more experienced paddlers, with expeditions lasting up to five days across greater distances and may involve open water crossings. Typically these trips go to Kangaroo Island or other island groups off the SA peninsulas.

Other activities members can participate in include social dinners, radio courses, training days and come-and-try days.

So if you are looking for a new social activity that keeps you fit with minimal impact, and takes you to some of the most stunning parts of SA, try the Adelaide Canoe Club!

For more info on the Adelaide Canoe Club check out our website at: http://adelaide.canoe.org.au/ or find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/adelaidecanoeclub/

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