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Log Books on Peaks in Flinders Ranges Placed by Adelaide Bushwalkers

A research exercise into the locations and state of logbooks and containers placed by Adelaide Bushwalkers on summits in the Flinders Ranges.


An update to this article has been published, July 2015.



  1. Background
  2. Plea to Members
  3. The 1987 Exercise
  4. Table of Containers and Log Books
  5. Map of Containers and Log Books
  6. Contact


Example of ABW logbook (Mt Hack)

Until 1987, placing log books on peaks in the Flinders Ranges was generally a haphazard procedure.

In most cases, log books consisted of notes from visiting walkers on pieces of paper torn from note books, then put in aluminium canisters, plastic pots or whatever was at hand. The next visiting walker(s) would add their contribution.

However, one or two older members of the club think there may be an earlier version of the very good metal containers used since early 1987.

In conjunction with Jeremy Carter, I will endeavour to research and verify this scanty information, and go on to prepare a full story of the state of log book containers and log books placed by ABW on peaks in the Flinders Ranges. This will also be published on our website which will allow both members and hikers to let us know of issues with logbooks, and provide us the opportunity to engage hikers to retrieve and renew logbooks. We hope to include archived copies of logbooks as scanned documents online.

Simon Cameron with logbook from Mt HackMy research will involve searching through club archives, and possibly the archives of the State Library and Walking SA.

I was very much involved in the 1987 log book exercise, and following recent questions and comments from a few club members, I decided to research and record the matter more fully.

Plea to Members

  1. If any members on reading this article can contribute more information or clarify detail regarding log books in containers placed by ABW, and including the whereabouts of filled logbooks that have been removed from peaks , please contact me (preferably IN WRITING). I can then go on and finalise this history for the posterity of the club. If any member is, or knows a competent sheet metalworker who would donate their labour making another batch of containers, then please contact me.
  2. About the time of the club’s 50th or 60th Anniversary in 1996 or 2006, a price was obtained to make some more containers, but the cost was prohibitive.

The 1987 Exercise

The club decided to give some formality to log books on peaks in the form of sturdy, waterproof metal containers to contain log books which would have a frontpiece informing all-comers that it was placed there by ABW.

Club member Bill Gehling prepared a sketch of a sound log book container. He gave the sketch to me, and I then prepared a detail drawing (which I still possess), and then a batch of 4 or 5 containers was made by a former member Kevin Packer in early 1987.

In May 1987, I led an extended walk in the Narrina Station area, and containers and log books were placed on Patawarta Hill and Mt Hack.

Mt Tilley was climbed on that trip, but I can’t remember if we placed container/logbook on that occasion.

It is my understanding that these very good containers and log books were also placed on Pompey Pillar, Cleft Peak, McKinlay Bluff and Mt Aleck, but this needs to be verified by club members.

Peak Logbook Confirmed
Patawarta Hill ABW container June 2013
Mt Hack ABW container 21/8/2014
Cleft Peak ABW container placed 1987 Is there a logbook currently there?
McKinlay Bluff ABW container placed 1987 Is there a logbook currently there?
Kankana Peak ABW container placed 1987 Is there a logbook currently there?

In June 1999, I led a group to place a new log book on Patawarta Hill. The first book was full, and at the time was held by Walking SA – I will follow that up.

Table of Containers and Log Books on Other Peaks

These may exist on other peaks, but once again, verification is needed.

Some peaks that may have ABW containers with log books, or canisters or pots with notes include:

Peak Logbook Confirmed
Aroona Valley/Pigeon Bore/Parachilna Gorge area
Mt Barloo
Mt Barbara
Iralbo Peak
Kankana Peak
Mt Falkland Logbook of some sort 18/6/2011
Mt Hayward
Mt Elkington
Wilpena Area
Point Bonney ABW container placed 1992 15/9/2012
Mt Sawtooth (unofficial name)
Mt Abrupt
Mt Karawarra No logbook present 14/9/2012
Pompey Pillar ABW container 27/7/2013
Mt Aleck ABW container Logbook in ABW container 16/7/2011. Reported removed by Arkaba Station early 2014. Not present 9/8/14
North Flinders Ranges
McKinley Bluff
Mt McKinley
Freeling Heights Logbook present, container unknown 17/4/2012
Cleft Peak
Mt Tilley Small notepad in deteriorating lunchbox dating from 1984 19/8/2014

Map of Containers and Log Books

Contact Me

The above list is not exhaustive by any means, but it is a start.

I reiterate a request to members to come forward with more information on this topic which is very much part of the life and soul of ABW.

I can be contacted on 041 980 6128 or via our contact form.

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