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Some of My Favourite Bushwalking Places: Sketches by John Bartlett

I decided to put pen to paper to capture scenes and memories from some of the best bushwalks I have ever done in Australia. Without doubt, doing these sketches has given me an immense amount of pleasure, and I hope readers of this magazine enjoy them too, particularly those who know these places.

Why the Aarn Pack?

I am constantly being asked if I like my Aarn Pack and why I like it. My response is, “I love my Aarn Pack and would never go back to a conventional pack”. Not one to write formal reviews I felt it is time to enlighten the unenlightened and I say that without prejudice because here in South Australia we have very little exposure to the product being the only state lacking a retail outlet for Aarn Packs.

Rogaining – is it for bushwalkers?

Rogaining is the name given to what is both a sport and a recreation and in it, teams of 2 to 5 people navigate across country on foot along a route of their own choice to collect as many control points as possible in the time available with events generally lasting 3, 6, 12 or 24 hours. Each event provides a different type of challenge physically but the 24 hour event is the classic and involves 60 or more control ...

Walking the Kokoda 2014

A challenging walk to anyone interested in one of Australia's most famous battles, one in which Australia's sovereignty was at stake.

The Night Sky, Autumn 2015

The nights of the autumnal full moons are Friday March 6, Saturday April 4 and Monday May 4. While nights on and around the full moon are great for not tripping over things in camp, or night walks, they wash out the magnificent canopy of stars. However, on Saturday April 4 there will be a total lunar eclipse to enliven the night. From 8:45 pm ACDT the Moon will look to have a chip taken from its side.

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West Lakes, 13 Dec
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Australian Alps Walking Trail- Part 3. Thredbo to Tharwa, 3 Mar 18 - 23 Mar 18
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