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The Torrens Descent

Being a mainly factual account of an ABW canoe trip held in early March with the party consisting of Brian Slater, Tiffany Tantrum (not her real name) and the author.

The Torrens Descent

Poem and photos by Mike Round.

The sun was low, there was no flow, We set forth from Hackney Road. As pirates dressed, though we had no chest Some rum was in our load.

The banks were steep, the shadows deep We paddled with few cares With our merry crew, we passed the zoo Our motto: ‘We does, we dares’.

In Elder Park, Oh what a lark, Our pirate flag stood proud. Landlubbers stared for we had dared, Our passage stunned the crowd.

There’s Popeye, Hey! Let’s board and plunder And put them to the plank! But no, we had a job to do So set for the opposite bank.

A fringe event without a tent Is what some surely thought. But past the weir, the way’s not clear Through reeds and rocks we fought.

We paddled down the lower pools The brewery we did pass And on we go but the way is slow This narrow stream’s a farce.

The Holbrooks reach down to the beach Its pools for perch we once plundered, The dice were cast, Oh what a blast! “The rum! The rum!” they thundered.

And there we were, the sea at last Our thoughts on sailors, long since passed, “And now me hearties for the Spanish main It’ll yield more gold than Adelaide’s drain!”

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