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ABW Hikes

Expedition Gammon Ranges

Each year the Wednesday Walkers hold a week long bushwalk / camp which is open to all club members. There is no overnight walking but the scenery and activities are great. 2020 saw 16 ABW members going to Gammon Ranges. (from Tandanya Autumn 2021)

Ten Day Tasmanian South West Cape Loop

Five ABW members made their way to Hobart, flew to Melaleuca, then completed a 10 day South West Cape loop hike encountering a wide variety of conditions. (From Tandanya Autumn 2021)

Statistics, Log Books and Trail Monitors in South Australia

Scattered throughout our state there are trail monitors on trails and Summit Logbooks on peaks and they provide us with a wealth of information. For example they show how many walkers are using the trails which, in turn, will validate trail improvements and infra structure measures. These statistics are also useful when governments review policy such as the Pastoral Act late last year and can assist local entities in land management and regulation. From Tandanya Autumn 2021.

Cape Jarvis to Victor Harbor

The route from Cape Jervis to Victor Harbour is one of the most beautiful coastal walks in SA. It traverses Deep Creek and Newland Head conservation parks as well as the magnificent Waitpinga Cliffs. From Tandanya Autumn 2021

2017 Photo Competition

Our annual photograph competition and Christmas social meeting was held this week, and we had a great selection of photos from members. Each category winner received a $25 gift voucher from the Scout Outdoor Centre.

Here are the winners from each category.

Landscape 2nd – Ben Trainor – Arthur Range Traverse TAS


OPEN 1st – Dean Johnson – Baird Bay


OPEN 2nd Prize – Stephanie Russell – Luang Prabang


People – Dean Johnson – Oladdie Hills


Selfie ...

Flinders Spectacular

For the ABW beholder, splendour might well hide in a sunset or beam from a face, be held in hand or stir in a heart, be borne by the light of a campfire or be seen on the hues of a vast mountain vista. Whatever one’s persuasion might be, I suspect that splendour is a state best shared. And perhaps July’s 2017 ‘Flinders Spectacular’ event would be the event to find this out?!

On the Thursday night, sixteen keen ABW trekkers ...

Water Sources for Bushwalking in the Northern Flinders Ranges

ABW is currently in the process of surveying the water resources of potential interest to bushwalkers in the northern Flinders Ranges (north of Parachilna-Blinman-Wirrealpa) with the hope that it will make it easier to plan multi-day walks in the region especially in years of average rainfall or lower. The area of interest is covered on all or part of twelve 1:50,000 topographic series maps. In addition to the areas very popular with bushwalkers, the survey also covers adjacent less popular ...

Remote First Aid Course

“Remote” for remote first aid purposes is defined as anything more than an hour from para medic attendance-and Adelaide Bushwalkers are often in this situation even on walks not far from Adelaide

We attended the “Remote First Aid” Course that was held at Morialta Conservation Park on the 17th 18th and 19th July 2017.

It was run by Survive First Aid which is a highly regarded provider of First Aid Education based in Victoria. We wondered if the time would drag but ...

Up By Kosciuszko’s Side

On top of Mt. Kosciuszko, it was still, and there was only thin, high cloud in the sky, and for all six in my group, this day was an experience never to be forgotten. I was on the summit of our highest mountain in August 1987 with my companions from Adelaide Bushwalkers. We hadn’t walked up, but ascended on our cross-country skis as part of an eight-day ski touring trip from Kiandra, 70km to the North, and the day on ...

Walking the Via Francigena in Switzerland and Italy

Over six weeks, from late September to early November 2016, my wife Phillipa, and I, walked a large chunk of the ancient pilgrim trail, the Via Francigena. The original route, from Canterbury to Rome, was walked by Sigeric the Serious, ordained Archbishop of Canterbury in 990 CE. He kept travel diaries and these are considered the most authoritative source for the direction of the route. The trail starts at the Canterbury Cathedral, runs through Northern France, Switzerland, down Italy and ...

ABW Great South West Walk

Ten of us walked a seven day loop in the Discovery Bay Coastal Park and Lower Glenelg National Park in the third week of February this year.

ABW Bibbulmun Track

The Bibbulmun Track is one of the world’s great long distance walk trails, stretching 1000km from Kalamunda in the Perth Hills, to Albany on the south coast, winding through the heart of the scenic South West of Western Australia.

Quarry Lake, Highbury, 31 May
Mount Difficult (Northern Grampians), 2 Jun - 4 Jun
Wilpena - from Rawnsley Park, 9 Jun - 12 Jun
Rawnsley Park, 9 Jun - 12 Jun
Flinders Ranges: June LWE bus trip registration, 9 Jun - 12 Jun
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