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Wednesday Walks

In an article of mine in Tandanya, Summer 2012, I gave details of how the Wednesday Walks are organised and run. Here I expound on that.

Adelaide Bushwalkers, Wednesday Walkers, December 2014

The Wednesday Walkers at a lunch at John Bartlett’s home following a walk on his 80th birthday. Those in the picture are: Standing: Ian Boscence, Brent Martin, Phil Coles, Denis Harper, Harry Greet, Wendy Foreman, Sally Patterson, Ian (Toni’s friend), Sheila Dickinson, Bill Gehling, Liz Woodham, Alan McLean, Cynthia Kirkham, Jan Harrison, Ann Ward, Janet Callen and grandchild, Ian Dickinson, Merilyn Browne, Melanie jackson, Roger Kempson, Arthur Ward, Frank Hall, Chris Lloyd, John Butler, Rosemary Butler, David Evans, Michael Weaver, Lorraine Billett, Graham Foreman. Sitting: Rita Clayton, Bonnie Marriott, Toni Beattie, John Bartlett and Snowy, Margaret Young, Pauline Curnow, Judith Cahill, Barbara Phillips. Hidden at right: Alan Brokenshire, Helen Evans. Left early – Mal Kirkham. Also present -Paul Bartlett (behind the camera and Stuart Anderson.

All walks and trips are included in the Club’s Activity Program on the Club website.

Recent 2 – 3 day trips have included Barossa Valley, Milang, Troubridge island and Deep Creek Conservation Park.

In line with the new Club policy, and as from January 2015, all walks must be led by an Endorsed Leader.

There are approximately 40 club members on the list of Wednesday Walkers, of whom three are endorsed Multi-day Walk Leaders, and 27 are endorsed Day Walk Leaders.

Any club member – full or prospective, is very welcome to join in on the Wednesday walks – an excellent way to meet other club members, enjoy a social event, make new friends, enjoy a good morning tea and see more of the interesting places around Adelaide.

There is a high level of support for these activities and no events have been cancelled over the past 2 years. The walks have an averaghe attendance of about 15. I am taking over from David Evans as Wednesday Walks Co-ordinator, and the program for the first half of 2015 is under way, but at this stage, and on behalf of all the WWs, I would like to pay credit to the work David has done in the last two and a half years as our co-ordinator.

In particular, he has introduced the 2 -3 day trips into programs, and is always thinking of ways to improve the program and to establish the necessary link between the WWs and the club as a whole.

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